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Tastes of Posavje

Posavje is a gourmet mecca of Slovenia. Here you can find inns, which for generations have been developing and restoring traditional Posavje dishes. Superb ones that receive international awards and those simple ones that are at the heart and wallet of guests who want quality home-made food in a pleasant environment. And where else than on tourist farms does one find a pleasant environment and food that comes directly from a stable or a garden. Food without wine is not food. Better said, the people of Posavje (Posavci) take the Slovene proverb that wine is food very seriously. From top winemakers to those who will be such soon, on the left or right bank of the Sava river. In top quality wine cellars or local specialty, repnica.

Posavje is a gourmet pleasure.

  • Krskopolje pig – peculiarity from Posavje

    Allow your taste buds to be pampered and taste culinary specialties from the Posavje Region, taste the Krskopolje pig.

  • Winegrowing hiking trails in Posavje

    Posavje is land of vineyards and vineyard cottages, and many wine growing hiking trails connect them together.

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    Šempeter restaurant

    The Šempeter inn serves home-grown capons, which are a culinary specialty of Kozjansko. You will surely lick your fingers clean.

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    Ošterija Debeluh

    With just three to four ingredients at Ošterija Debeluh, under the chef Jure’s direction, they conjure up a fullness of flavours, in which you will feel the respect for tradition and the modern elegance of superb European cuisine.

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    Restaurant and hotel Tri Lučke

    Three lamps shine in the hill above Krško – the “Tri Lučke”, which invite those who want to bring the memories of local flavors from the Posavje region home with you.

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    Restaurant Repovž

    Respect for tradition and the environment are the main components of the culinary philosophy of the Gostilna Repovž inn. Rich flavors with a modern touch.

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    Inn Pension Les

    The Gostilna Les inn offers fresh seasonal ingredients of local origin in which you can taste the Posavje region.

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    Kmetija Hudina

    The Hudina Farm has managed to capture the love of fruit and nature in carefully selected home-made products.

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    Cviček temple with an ethnological collection

    There is no visit to Posavje without tasting the true local cviček. At the Cviček Embassy, the Cviček Temple you will learn all about this lively Posavje variety in one place and of course try it.

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    House of Vine, Wine and Chocolate Kunej

    Two culinary delights – wine and chocolate – have been combined into chocolate wine at the Kunej Vine, Wine and Chocolate House. Indulge in the pampering of your taste buds.

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    Istenič – Sparkling Wine Cellar

    Taste the freshness and selected flavors of the classic Istenič sparkling wine method.

  • Akval

    Akval is engaged in catering and breeding trout and also other freshwater fish.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.