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The Pirc Wine Farm is located in the middle of a small Dolenjska village called Ravni. All around the steep and sunny stretches of noble vineyards, the view from the Ravni hill extends all the way to the Krško field on one side and Gorjanci on the other side. In the vineyard and wine cellars, for generations, they combine old family experiences with state-of-the-art findings in viticulture and winemaking. Annually they produce approx. 150,000 liters of quality wine. In addition to Dolenjska’s specialty, the cviček, they also offer you the top-quality blue frankish of various vintages, white sort Pečina, top-tier Riesling, and Riesling – selection. They are happy to take guests to a tasting in the cellar or to a pleasant tasting room where you can also serve with cold cuts from homemade dry meats.

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