Pečnik Inn


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The Pečnik Inn is located along the Brestanica Bridge on the right bank of the Sava River and has a beautiful view of Rajhenbrug Castle. They are especially well-known for their home-made food and wine from their own vineyards, among which the blue frankish is especially outstanding, but the regional white and, of course, the cviček are also not missing. In their offer you can find lunch and dinner at affordable prices, as well as snacks and meals on request. As a special offer on Wednesdays, fresh trouts with a side dish are available, while on Thursdays there is a horse goulash with a semolina dumpling and a game steak with an side dish. If you stop at the guesthouse on Fridays and Saturdays you will also be offered freshly baked piglet or lamb, and bograč is available on Saturday for lovers of dishes on the spoon.

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Phone: +38674971562