Cviček temple with an ethnological collection


There is no visit to Posavje without tasting the true local cviček. The Rak vineyard society dedicated a special building to it – the Cvičkov hram, which is named The Embassy of the Cviček 1. In Cviček temple you will find out all about this lively Posavje variety. The architecture of the temple will also guide you through the history of wine-growing tradition, which has already been rooted in Raka in 1580. The temple has three rooms: a barn with a baker’s oven, a lounge with a bed and a room for winemaking equipment, which was used by winemakers of the past. Cviček temple accepts up to 70 guests. The winemakers will be happy to take you to the world of Cviček.

Tasting of three Dolenjska wines with dried meats at Cviček Temple starting from 7 EUR per person.

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