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Tastes of Posavje

  • Akval

    Akval is engaged in catering and breeding trout and also other freshwater fish.

  • Ana Kranjčič snack bar

    RIBA IN POL is a family brand that combines a complete offer for various tastes of domestic and foreign guests.

  • Balon oils

    Balon oils is at home on one of the smaller farms in the very center of Bistrica ob Sotli, which is why they are all the more authentic and homely.

  • Bowling DeLuxe

    Experience a unique, fun, sporty, competitive, enjoyable and recreational experience in Bowling DeLuxe

  • Cafe Lilija

    Lilija café is a pleasant ambience in Leskovac near Krško, suitable for all lovers of good coffee and sweet treats.

  • Domaine Slapšak

    The uniqueness of the Domaine Slapšak cellar is to produce sparkling wine according to the traditional method developed in the Champagne Region more than 300 years ago.

  • Erban Inn

    The Erban Inn is located in the village of Župelevec, on the main road connecting Brežice with Bizeljsko.

  • Excursion farm Vertovšek

    Excursion farm Vertovšek is located in Veliki Kamen, 14 km from Krško.

  • Fruit and Viticulture Farm Žerjav

    The Žerjav excursion farm is located in a quiet village, where you can enjoy the homeliness and nature of the surrounding area.

  • Green Bean – vegan takeaway bistro

    The first animal and environmentally friendly vegan takeaway bistro in Posavje is located in the center of Brežice.

  • Guest house Močivnik

    Močivnik inn is famous for its excellent home-made food and a selection of local wines.

  • HUBA Martinčič vines

    HUBA Viticulture and Enology is a young, family estate whose main characteristic is the passion for original life and wine.