Excursion farm Vertovšek


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Excursion farm Vertovšek is located in Veliki Kamen, 14 km from Krško. It lies on its own, by the forest, meadows. The farm was mainly focused on breeding sheep, although there is no shortage of other animals there. In the social room, arranged in the rural style, 60 guests are welcome.

From spring to autumn it is especially pleasant under the hayrack right next to the forest, which can accommodate 150 people. Under the hayrack there is a dance floor and space for a smaller music group. The location is suitable both for a variety of “picnic” celebrations as well as for festive events, such as a wedding. There is a grassy field and enough space for a relaxed play of children.

After pre-matching the menu, they prepare dishes from mainly home-grown ingredients. They adapt to your desires and prepare simple snacks and also richer dishes such as Sunday and festive lunches. Especially tasty are, of course, homemade lamb, dishes from the spit, goulash, štruklji, various mushrooms, mixed apples and bread from a baker’s oven. Naturally, home-made wine and grape juice are served along with the dishes.

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Phone: +38674976239