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RIBA IN POL is a family brand that combines a complete offer for various tastes of domestic and foreign guests. In the springs of fresh water, the first ecological trout in Slovenia is offered, which are offered in the inn, either indoors for 50 people or on a beautiful outdoor terrace, which invites up to 100 guests to the shade.

For the appetizer, you should indulge yourself with the smoked trout in their home-made sauce, continue with grilled trout or wrapped in corn flour. Due to ecological breeding, the trout is particularly delicious and meets the principles of a healthy diet.

A carp is also welcome, which is also raised in a fresh spring and offered to be roasted in corn flour. Because it’s rarely found in Slovenian menus, it’s definitely worth a try.

In the winter days, Carniolan sausages with sour cabbage are served, and various traditional Slovenian dishes are ordered for larger groups.

They buy everything they do not produce at home from nearby farmers and winemakers, which is why they prefer locally grown food. The food is served with quality local wines, which also have high medals in Slovenia.

You can turn your visit into a real experience and enjoy the unspoiled nature of Kranjčič’s, where there are many possibilities for activities, quiet walks or interesting sightseeing. In the pond, you can see the first eco aquaculture plant in Slovenia, which introduces you to an innovative approach to raising trout that you later taste. There is also a small football field and parking for motorhomes.

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