Green Posavje

Posavje is a place of tranquil pleasure. This is probably also the result of a natural environment that is not extreme anywhere. There is no high mountain with the threat of landslides, nor streams with rapids, nor sea with sharks, nor virgin forests where you can get lost or eaten by a wolf.

Jokes aside: Posavje has everything mentioned, only in calmer, more friendly derivations. Although you can also ski in Posavje, it is much more generous with tranquil Sava and Krka and rafting, stand up paddling, canoeing or calm fishing. Posavje is a place of activity in the nature for those who do not want extreme adrenaline adventures, but a relaxed getaway, after which a gentle massage, a glass of local sparkling wine and a toast with a friend will follow. Even the Kozjansko park is a calm and balanced mixture of natural heritage covered in Natura 2000, cultural history with some castles and sacral buildings; but after all, Kozjansko starts and ends with an apple. Another proof that the people of Posavje (Posavci) can’t exist without a gourmand vibe.

The most mysterious are two caves in Posavje, Kostanjeviška and Ajdovska. Mysterious as far as everything that is part of the subject of the underworld, which is always exciting. But even the caves will not distract you from all the beautiful and the good above them.