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The Krško Wine Cellar

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Each wine has its own character, its history and its own story, which makes it special and unrepeatable. It is a sort of DNA that is deep in the vine and also in people who planted and nurtured vines over the millennia and worshiped the wine as a ritual nectar that brings people together and connects.
If we want to understand wine, we must penetrate deeply into the mystery of the environment, which has given the vine the unique conditions for its growth and maturation. First of all, we must meet and love the rounded hills, among which the Upper-Dolenjska Wine Road is engraved, so that we can then dare step into the cradle of wine, where grape berries under the hands of thousands of years of knowledge and experience from which our experts draw on their knowledge nectar of gods.

In the Krško Wine Cellar,this nectar is not reserved for the chosen only. People on this end are the same as earth. Generous and open. They will be happy to welcome you, provide a feast along with a glass of wine, and tell stories such as: Under the castles of the counts of Auerspergi, Journey through the history of the wine road, Our wines were inspired by Prešeren’s vintage, The Noble Wine Route of Blue Frankish, Friend cviček – world wine specialty, educational tasting for students under the name Wine in all shades, and of course for all experts and sommeliers Wine in all shades. Wine is accompanied by an excellent home cooking everywhere.

As you walk away from their vaulted cellars, you will leave with the idea that bottles are not filled only with the wine, but also with joy and the sun, which the grape berries on their hills draw into them. If your taste buds got excited by this story, simply head off to Posavje and visit Krško Wine Cellar.

Thematic tastings start at EUR 7 per person.

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Phone: +38674882500


Centralna cvičkova klet - Klet Krško - Boštjan Colarič
The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.