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Active Posavje

Posavje region invites activity lovers with its authenticity, hospitality and unspoiled nature. Situated between Gorjanci, Bohor mountains and Zasavje hills. The hillsides are dominated by beautiful forests, vineyards and orchards.
Hiking and biking trails are well developed but not marked, but have interesting stories and are suitable for all age groups. The landscape is predominantly shaped as low to medium high hills a, with highest peaks between 500 and 900 m above sea level. Among others there are some popular hiker spots such as Bohor, Lisca, Grmada, Gorjanci with beautiful views.
Posavje region is suitable both for family trips, full of experiences and local stories, as well as for small and large groups. Road and mountain biking have been developed.

Hiking trails offer tours of medium difficulty, you will discover natural and cultural treasures on your travels, and you will also be able to experience a genuine connection with nature. You can discover trails on your own by downloading tracks on your smartphone or in the company of local guides.

More than 100 mountain and thematic trails, ranging in length from 2 to 20 km, offer many specialties and varieties, both in trail topics and in difficulty levels.

Discover many hiking trails full of beauty and history. Welcome to themed bike trips that are a unique way to discover the diversity, beauty and cuisine of our country.

  • Bowling DeLuxe

    Experience a unique, fun, sporty, competitive, enjoyable and recreational experience in Bowling DeLuxe

  • Terme Čatež

    Wellness pleasures and spa fun. Terme Čatež is all of that! The variety of offer caters to everyone’s tastes.

  • from 51 €

    Terme Paradiso

    Active-family or relaxed-romantic. Whatever holiday you want, Terme Paradiso spa will make sure you feel like you’re in paradise.

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    Rafting on the Sava River

    The Sava River Gorge offers fairytale sights that can only be experienced with a view from the river, and the Radeče raft is ideal to combine these with tradition and fun.

  • Landestrost Tourism

    Experience relaxed stand up paddling on the river Krka – the treasure of Posavje.

  • from 10 €


    Experience an adrenaline rush on the cart racing track Raceland located in Krško.

  • Beach Bar Tochka

    Free use of the largest outdoor fitness gym in Slovenia – Big Jack Street fitness, for all who are active and fit.

  • Discover Brežice

    The municipality of Brežice lies on a tectonic fault and is extremely rich with the springs of thermal water, which was discovered more than 200 years ago along the banks of the Sava River.

  • Pia Peršič – NaTuro

    Explore Posavje with a local tourist guide who, besides the sights, will certainly show you a hidden corner or two.

  • Hunting for Energy

    Krško, a pleasant town along the Sava River is a crossroads of cultural, culinary, educational and diverse experiences.

  • POSAVJE ON BIKE, Boris Papac s.p.

    With marked and hidden paths, Posavje is a real cycling paradise.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.