Kmetija Hudina

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The fruit-focused farm Hudina is located in Bistrica ob Sotli, just below Svete Gore, on the Bistrica River and is engaged in the production and processing of fruit. With knowledge, more than half a century of tradition and a love for fruit and nature, they take care of the nature-friendly production of quality and safe fruit, by which they have gained the trust of many customers. Fruits are produced in a naturally friendly way and have a certificate of integrated production since 1991 and a GlobalG.A.P. certificate since 2011. They have their own brand »Sadje Hudina«. Fruits are sold throughout the year as they are stored in their own refrigerator with a natural atmosphere. There you can try and buy apples, pears, walnuts, apple juice, real home-made apple vinegar, dry wedges of pears and apples. You can also arrange to visit a fruit-oriented farm. They also offer spirits that will convince you with authentic flavors. Their guide is the production of safe and quality fruit, and at the same time care for the preservation of the environment for our progeny.

Real homemade apple juice for only 1.64 EUR.

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Phone: +38641711182