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Akval is engaged in catering and breeding trout and also other freshwater fish. Their quality is based on the thirty-year tradition of family rearing of trout Aquaculture Pavlič, which can be easily adapted to every taste with knowledge and experience in the field of catering. SuzanaPavlič, a professional in the aquaculture field with a long family tradition and experienced chef DamjanWallner, who understands the needs and desires of the most demanding eaters, feel the obligation to connect their knowledge and tradition to the top product of Slovenian trout.

Breeding in Akval is based on the breeding of own trout from roe to consumption to provide a superior product. The young are reared at the springs, ensuring the complete quality of trout, as well as by choosing the best quality food and regular cleaning of the breeding pools. They care that they do not store the fish before sale, thus ensuring the perfect taste and firm meat of the trout.

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Phone: +38640435578
Web page: www.akval.si