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The website is owned by the Posavje Regional Development Agency, which uses the services and content of the website www., governed by these Terms of Use (hereinafter: the Terms). By using the Posavje Regional Development Agency website (hereinafter: RDA Posavje) and all related sites and services, and all related sites and services belonging to the domain, which is always aware of these terms and conditions and its users fully understood and accepted.

In the case of access and / or use of the www domain. and all related subdomains and related content (such as photographs, text, graphics, illustrations and data), applications, software and services provided by www. irrespective of its use, the user expressly, without restriction or reservation, agrees to the use and use of the www site., in accordance with these Terms, and the regulation of any legal relationship that arises or may arise from the use / use of the www site. is made under these terms. Users should check the terms regularly. By using or any part of this site, users are considered to be aware of the current situation at all times, to be fully understood and accepted. Users are solely responsible for the consequences of not complying with this provision of these Terms.

RRA Posavje reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without notice, and will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from such changes. These changes take effect by posting to these sites. RDA Posavje reserves the right to cancel this change (offer) of the content, as well as all services and sub-sites that are an integral part of the www site., without notice, and will not be liable for any consequences resulting from such changes. These changes take effect upon posting to this site. RDA Posavje reserves the right to change, limit or suspend the designation of the Web site www. at any time without notice, including or partially or completely restricting access to the www site. and the provision of certain services in the event of a breach of these Terms.

RRA Posavje is not responsible for any damages that may in any way arise from the use of the www site or in any way related to it. and any damages that may be caused by the user / visitor or any third party in connection with the use or misuse of the content of the website www. By using the contents of the website, the user accepts all risks arising from such use.


All content displayed or found on www., including published text, graphics, illustrations, photographs, documents, data and information, may not be reproduced, distributed or otherwise used in violation of these terms.

It is expressly prohibited to copy, modify, publish, transmit, sell, display or otherwise exploit the content and visual identity of the Website., except when provided for in these Terms or as the result of prior approval of is forbidden in any way to be used for commercial purposes and to be used in a manner contrary to these terms. It is forbidden to save or copy any content for any purpose whatsoever.

In the case of unauthorized, unauthorized and / or unlawful use of any content (text, photos, etc.), RDA Posavje reserves the right to seek compensation and to initiate civil and criminal proceedings against a legal or natural person using the content of the website www.

Use of Website Services www. is approved for adult use only. Using and using the Website www. by children is only allowed under the supervision of the parent and / or guardian, as otherwise they assume all rights and obligations arising from such use, and RDA Posavje is not responsible for any consequences of such use.


it is forbidden to use the site and its contents for any other purposes unrelated to the RDA Posavje business. The User acknowledges and warrants that they will use these Websites in accordance with these Terms and all applicable laws and regulations, including unlimited all relating to the Internet, emails (emails), data and privacy.

The website user acknowledges and warrants that he will use the downloaded content exclusively in a manner consistent with these terms and conditions, otherwise such use is considered inadmissible, in which case RDA Posavje has the right to demand from the user compensation and limit or completely limit the service.

These Terms and Conditions are published on 08/26/2019. years at www.