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The Komatar wine-growing estate is located in the village of Stojanski Vrh under the Gadova Peč, above Cerklje ob Krki, 11 kilometers from Brežice. The Komatar family cultivates 45,000 vines, and makes Cviček and other wines under the domestic brand Turdus, bottled in their own bottling plant. The wine cellar is located in Gadova Peč, which is famous for its cviček. Komatars are a wine-growing family that produces quality and top quality wines that are served under the real Slovenian hayrack. They will take you to the Princess’s Temple, where you will be offered wine tasting and cured meat products. A rich excursion offer (picking mushrooms, chestnuts, hiking, …) is just another reason why the path leads you to the Gadova Peč, the cradle of Cviček, from which we promise that you will not leave your thirsty and hungry.

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