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An idyllic environment rich in historical and cultural history includes, for over 40 years, the Žolnir tavern with a rich family tradition. Throughout all this time, it developed and expanded its offer in order to make the best possible for its guests and to satisfy even the most demanding.

The name was given based on the Jurčič story Kloštrski Žolnir, in which the main hero, a forestry engineer, whom the locals called Žolnir, falls in love with the beautiful Kostanjevica girl Katica. According to historical sources, this engineer was famous Josef Ressel, who worked as a forest worker in these places, and here he invented the ship screw, which he also tested on the Krka River.

The Žolnir Inn can boast with the name Gostilna Slovenije, and their offer includes home-made dishes, for which the ingredients are supplied by the surrounding farmers.

We advise you to try their homemade cottage cheese, gnocchi, venison dishes, …

If you would like to spend a day longer in the place where rich history and culture and good food intertwine with the smallest Slovenian town, rooms are also available.

Those who swear to a genuine home environment can enjoy the magical and peaceful environment offered by the vineyard cottage and apartments Žolnir with a beautiful view of the town on the island – Kostanjevica na Krki.

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