Krskopolje pig – peculiarity from Posavje


Posavje is the region of origin of the only Slovene autochthons pig breed called the Krskopolje pig, which is characterised by high proportion of non-harmful fats. Since the fats concentrate the aroma and flavour, the Krskopolje pig meat is extremely aromatic and tasty.

In the past, pig breeding has been an important economic activity in the Posavje Region, which was extremely important for self-supply and survival of locals. Pig slaughter was a very important event when tables were laden with food. Even today, pig is a symbol of abundance, wealth, happiness, and satisfaction.

The Krskopolje pig is more and more important when it comes to preservation of biodiversity of domestic animals. It was almost extinct, but now it is more and more present on our pastures, as well as our plates. In terms for cultural heritage, people in the Krško-Brežice Field and wider are more and more aware of the importance of the Krskopolje pig and the way of the breed is bred.

Do not miss a chance to taste products made from the Krskopolje pig, such as dried meat products, pork rind, blood sausages or bacon.

Allow your taste buds to be pampered and taste culinary specialties from the Posavje Region, taste the Krskopolje pig.

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