Plečnik tea and Fit Coffee


Plečnik’s housekeeper Urška Luzar prepared tea for the architect and his friends from selected local herbs. The tea blends varied according to the occasion, the season and the mood of the architect. The architect did not sweeten the tea, but instead offered his guests honey from his home apiary.

Plečnik tea is a product of the company Herba Gallus from Šentjernej and is hand-filled in the primary and, due to the higher quality of protection of the herbs from light, in the secondary packaging. Due to the print of PLEČNIKOV CHAJ in Braille, Plečnik tea is more accessible to the blind and visually impaired, and thus the first food with Braille on the market.

In addition to tea, Fit Coffee with five medicinal herbs is also available. It contains a superior aromatic blend of roasted coffee Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora with a special recipe of medicinal herbs Anisi fructus, Oregano vulgaris, Menthae pip. folium, Thymus vulgaris and Salvia officinalis.

Available in TIC Kostanjevica na Krki.

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