Domaine Slapšak


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The uniqueness of the Domaine Slapšak cellar is to produce sparkling wine according to the traditional method developed in the Champagne Region more than 300 years ago. The style of their cellar is the production of dry sparkling wine. The most important chain link in their story is quality, so their sparkling wines are not annual, meaning that they are not only from one year old, but at least three. In this way, they can ensure constant sparkling quality.

It is therefore not surprising that wine quality experts of the global criterion are also enthusiastic about their quality. Steven Spurrier, whose words were summarized by Robert Gorjak, said about their sparkling wines: “Their brut reserve was also tried by Steven Spurrier during his visit to Slovenia, and he immediately opened his notebook. He liked the fine bubbles and lightness with clear freshness and acidity.” (Robert Gorjak, 2018). Caroline Gilby described their sparkling wine as follows: “»I tasted a few other wines from the region weren’t part of this group, including a pair of very good sparkling wines from Domaine Slapšak. There’s an attractive, appetising non-vintage Brut sparkling from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Žametovka, and a very fine pale pink fizz made from 100% Žametovka which really highlights the potential this grape has for sparkling wine.« (Caroline Gilby, 2018).

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