Winegrowing hiking trails in Posavje


Posavje is land of vineyards and vineyard cottages, “repnice” (a pit dug in quartz sand) and many winegrowing hiking trails connect all this together. Along the wine hiking trails it is possible to admire natural beauties and to visit any of the vineyard cottages or “repnice”. Below you will find some of the most famous Posavje wine-growing hiking trails.

Ostrovrhar’s wine trail

This route is the first wine trail in the municipality of Radeče, part of the vineyards on this road also extends in the neighboring municipality of Zagorje. Every year winegrowers from Zagrad prepare a traditional hike through the vineyards in Zagrad – so called Ostrovrhars’s wine route. Near the ruins of Svibno castle wine was produced already in the times of Ostrovrhar’s knights. They planted vineyards on lower slopes, which turned out to be a very pleasant location for growing vines. Viticulture has been preserved to this day and the locals are very proud on different types of vines grown here. Ostrovrhar’s vineyards lie in the most northern part of Dolenjska wine-growing district. The remains of the walls of Ostrovrhar’s vineyard cottage are still visible here.

Starting point: Zagrad, at Cumar mill

Route description:

From starting point you first walk through Zagrad, where you can see the only working mill in the valley of Sopota, which dates in 1920. You continue to Vetrni vrh, from where you can see eastern part of Sopota valley. From the top you can also see the castle hill with the remains of Ostrovrhar’s castle. Here you continue along the old forest path Vetrni vrh – Zagrad and join to the hiking trail “od zidanice do zidanice”.  During the hike you can also stop for wine and food tasting in the vineyard’s cottages. Winemakers from this area are very proud of the varieties of vine they managed to preserve through the generations. Among them there are: izabela, šmarnica, otela, bakuš. Local winegrowers are especially proud of Zagrajčan – wine which dates back in era of Lords of Svibno.

“Gadova” Trail

This trail runs through the vineyards Jugovec, Razkrižje, Belinje, Grublje, Topolova draga in Gadova peč. This is a circular path, which leads through the hilly vineyards, where you can stop for a wine tasting and trying local culinary delicacies along the way.

Starting point: VTD Gadova peč (event space)

Hiking time: 5 hours

Trail length: 8 km

Altitude difference: 220 m

Difficulty: medium light

Sromlje trail of wine and sun

This footpath invites hikers to go among Sromelj hills with the most beautiful winegrowing locations, that have been very valued in the ancient past. In the past, some very famous winegrowers were making wine here, for example the Counts of Attems, wealthy foreigners (Thierry) and others.

Starting point: Sromlje (Kranjčič snack bar)

Route description:

The hiking trail of wine and sun leads past Ajdovska cave with a view of Sopote, also known as sunny places. You hike through the hills and valleys, past fruit growers, livestock breeders and winegrowers. The trail leads hikers past the oldest indigenous vine variety, calles Belina, which is known to be the only one that survived a vine aphid infection at the end of 18th century. Along the trail, hikers enjoy the charm of the vineyards, the quality of wines, the beauty of hills and the local culinary delights. This area also connects with top quality wine for nobles and the most beautiful winegrowing locations.

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