The Royal Seven

The Royal Seven: Enjoy a Magnificent Castle-Filled Day in the Posavje Region

You won’t find so many castles in such a small area anywhere else in Slovenia. The Brežice, Kunšperk (Königsberg), Mokrice, Rajhenburg, Sevnica and Svibno castles and the Kostanjevica monastery. A wonderful hotel amid greenery, the spirit of bygone times in the middle of an urban setting, a mighty guardian atop a steep promontory above the river Sava, relics on the green hills of the undulating rural Posavje… These are the castles that will enchant you at first sight.

A bespoke experience of ʿThe royal sevenʾ that appeals to all your senses adds a new dimension to the day trip. At every moment of the day, you will experience the Posavje region and its exceptionally rich heritage of castles, its wonderful pristine nature and superb cuisine in an authentic and custom-crafted way.

You will get to hear some of the most exciting castle stories and legends of the past, which will take you back to the times of powerful aristocratic families and their fortunes. Learning about the regional cultural heritage and authentic local features will make for an unforgettable day. You will get to taste the finest ʿcastleʾ cuisine prepared by the Posavje region’s top chefs, who swear by locally-sourced ingredients and authentic dishes paired with the best local wines. Your castle day will be full of moments that you will remember for years to come and full of unforgettable, bonding memories – you will see how chocolate is made, visit a traditional blacksmith’s workshop and experience a number of other castle surprises.

Much like aristocratic stories were handed down from one castle-family generation to the next, the Posavje region and its bespoke experiences, genuine hospitality, exquisite flavours and a wealth of cultural, historical and natural heritage provides a foundation for a genuine bond between generations, who come back to discover castle-related stories and life time and again.

The Royal Seven:
a castle adventure

Your bespoke castle adventure will kick off in Slovenia’s liveliest thermal resort, in Terme Čatež, where the Posavje castles will come to life before your very eyes in a digital castle room, conjuring up your very first magical castle moment. State-of-the-art technology will allow you to see our castles in their original appearance. You will then continue the adventure not far from the Sava, the longest Slovenian river, in the town of Radeče, for your first superb culinary experience at the Gostilna Jež inn, where a young chef has raised the family’s innkeeping tradition to the highest standard.

Following a short walk along the beautiful green embankment of the Sava, you will continue to the majestic English landscape park at the Mokrice Castle, where you will come across the first castle puzzle spanning all seasons. The next castle on your itinerary will be the Brežice Castle, an imposing Renaissance building, where you will go on a private tour to learn about the rich history of the Posavje region from prehistoric times to the present day and see the Knight’s Hall with its awe-inspiring frescoes.

Since Posavje is veritable foodie’s paradise, you will get to enjoy another gourmet experience at a traditional inn, Gostilna Šempeter, in Bistrica na Sotli, where you will be treated to the finest traditional regional dishes. The meal will be followed by a visit to a smithy, where you will have the opportunity to forge your own horseshoe (there’s no such things as too much good luck, after all!). The afternoon will have another sweet experience in store for you – ‘sweet’ in the literal sense of the word.

At Rajhenburg Castle atop a steep promontory above the Sava, you will learn about the chocolate-making heritage of the castle’s former owners, the Trappist monks, and also try your hand at chocolate making.

Your last-but-one stop will be in the charming Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia’s only town on a river island. In ʿDolenjska region’s Veniceʾ, in the temple of Slovenian expressionism housed in a former Cistercian monastery, you will get to explore your artistic side (time to get in touch with your inner artists!).

You adventure will come to an end in a manner befitting the entire castle-filled day: at a castle, of course! You will pay a visit to the Countess herself, who will host you at the picturesque Sevnica Castle just as darkness falls and the castle’s other ghosts come to life too (only the friendly ones, don’t worry!).

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