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Heritage of Posavje

  • Ban Homestead

    If you want to experience the pulse of staying in old homesteads, then during your trip to Posavje you must not miss the Ban homestead visit.

  • Pleteršnik homestead Pišece

    The language is the soul of the people, and in the Pišece of Posavje is its treasure.

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    Podsreda Castle

    Learn about history at one of the best preserved medieval buildings – Podsreda Castle.

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    Castle Rajhenburg

    The Rajhenburg Castle has been reigning for centuries on a high rocky quay above the Sava River. A castle with diverse history hides a myriad of stories waiting to be discovered.

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    Castle Sevnica

    Above the old town part of Sevnica stands a mighty castle, waiting for you to explore it and experience the history, hidden within its rooms and corridors.

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    Ajdovski Gradec

    Above the village of Vranje, northeast of Sevnica, you can meet with the past on the 44 m high hill Ajdovski Gradec. Ajdovski Gradec is one of the largest Old Christian centres in the Alps and the Danube region.

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    DOLINŠEK HAYRACK with a collection of farm tools and household utensils

    The centuries-old tradition of agriculture in the Posavje region is waiting for you to discover it in the Dolinšek hayrack collection.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.