Pleteršnik homestead Pišece


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The language is the soul of the people, and in the Pišece of Posavje is its treasure. In the protected area of the Kozjansko park, under Orlica lies a picturesque village, in which the local and cosmopolitan prof. Maks Pleteršnik, at the end of the 19th century, on his homestead, wrote his first scientific Slovene-German dictionary, published in 1895. This great linguist is also buried in the home village and on his grave it is written: “He gave his people a treasure, discovered the wealth of his Slovene language to them.” Visit Pleteršnik’s homestead and get to know the greatness of the small, wealth of knowledge and the plenty of modesty. Visitors of the homestead can also enjoy the visit of Pleteršnik’s folk singers accompanied by the accordion, which will be filled with Slovene folk and half-folk songs, among which some of them are also of the local village. You can sing with them, and you will be happy to learn a beautiful old Slovene folk song from Pleteršnik’s times.

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