Castle Sevnica


Above the old town part of Sevnica stands a mighty, more than 700 year old castle, from where there is a wonderful view of the Sava Valley. At the beginning of the 16th century, they began to consolidate it, but the thorough renovation of the castle took place at the end of the 16th century, when it was bought by baron Moscon. In the castle we offer guided tours with a tourist guide. As you enter through its large door, you will receive a guide that takes you around the castle. In one of the castle halls you can see a short film about Sevnica, the treasury of experiences, and the history of the castle and its owners. In the beautiful atrium there is a fountain of wishes and a castle granary with homemade delicacies created in the Sevnica environment. The castle granary will also be able to advise you on what for and how to use any herb.

After the castle staircase, you come to the beautiful rooms of the baroque salon with stylish furniture that takes you back into the past. Through the corridors where the ceilings are painted with interesting grotesque paintings, we come to the reception area where the doors of the daytime areas open to us. In the large dining room, coats of arms are exhibited, which were brought by the owners of the castles who came to visit from various countries. Through the white wedding hall we come to the tower, with the beautiful painting of the four seasons of the Baroque period around 1730.

You can see the development of education in the municipality of Sevnica and a well-preserved 100-year-old school classroom with school supplies and a refurbished firefighter’s collection.

After completing the tour of the castle, you can relax at a wine tasting in the castle wine cellar, on with a drink or confectionery in the castle cafe or terrace in front of the castle.

A tour of the castle is possible only with the help of a tourist guide, who is present at the reception office in the Albert Felicijan Hall (left at the entrance to the castle) during the opening hours of the castle.

Guided tour with a tour guide starting from 6 EUR per person.

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