Valvasor Library Krško


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Are you drawn between bookshelves? Visit the Valvasor Library Krško. The library started operating in 1965 and since then has undergone a long developmental path, has undergone numerous changes and has become a modern cultural, educational, information and social center in the local environment, whose goals are aimed at ensuring and implementing library activities for all generations. Since 1988, it has been active in Krško in the Capuchin monastery and has a Baroque Capuchin library in operation. The latter is a unique example of a monastery library, which is preserved in its original form and composition, from Brežice to Ljubljana. The capuchins of Krško dealt with education and health, so there are many dictionaries, lexicons and medical books in the library, but also theological, philosophical, historical, biographical and legal ones. The library was arranged in the 1980s and opened in 1984 for the public.


The library also houses the Speedway room, where there is a permanent special collection or “museum in small” entitled Speedway in Slovenia. It is the only such publicly accessible collection in Slovenia, which preserves the rich technical and cultural heritage of our environment for present and future generations. A number of items are exhibited in the collection – from the engine and equipment of the rider to the starting numbers, cups, recognitions and equipment of mechanics and much more.

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