Ban Homestead


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If you want to experience the pulse of staying in old homesteads, then during your trip to Posavje you must not miss the Ban homestead visit. Ban Homestead is located in the northern part of the village of Artiče and is one of the oldest homesteads in the village. It represents a clustered type of farmhouse, most of which were already recorded in the Franciscan Cadastre of 1825.

All the houses on the farm are wooden and, except for the firewood storage, are covered with straw. Ban Homestead includes: the main building, which is a farm house and a structured farm building, and the farm consists of a pigsty, with pig kitchen, corn granary, barn, a renovated fruit drying facility, a storehouse and a reconstructed beehive.

The Ban house is the only building in the homestead, which is completely rebuilt. The house is built on the basis of the characteristics of an old, partially preserved house. The interior of the house has got a new function and is adapted to the modern needs of operators and visitors.

The farm building, where the stable was sometimes located, is the central part of the building and most likely the oldest part with the year 1871 on a wooden frame. The building measures about 30 meters in length and is one of the longest buildings in Slovenia, which is covered with straw. In all these rooms, a large number of different tools and devices are collected and exhibited, including presses for fruit.

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