Ajdovski Gradec


Above the village of Vranje, northeast of Sevnica, you can meet with the past on the 44 m high hill Ajdovski Gradec. Ajdovski Gradec is one of the largest Old Christian centers in the Alps and the Danube region. Here is also the most comprehensively explored settlement from the period of migration of peoples in the area and we can compare it with settlements such as Rifnik near Šentjur, Ajdna nad Potoki and Velika Korinja. Together with them, it is the last messenger of Roman civilization on Slovenian territory.

The well-preserved Late Antiquity and Early Christian settlement was discovered in 1811. Systematic archaeological research took place from 1970 to 1986. At that time, the settlement got its present image and grew out of the archaeological site into an archaeological park. Ajdovski gradec consists of two churches, a baptistery, a water reservoir, residential houses, a building with heating channels and a defense tower. During the research, they found numerous items from everyday life: pottery, combs, amphorae, also a bronze weight in the form of the goddess Luna … Let yourself explore the history of Ajdovski Gradec and allow your imagination to take you back to the past.

Guided tour for groups of 15 persons starting from 26 EUR.

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