Forma Viva


The Forma Viva International Symposium of Sculptors was established in 1961 and since then the ever-growing collection of wood sculptures is gathered in a sculpture park in front of and around the building of Božidar Jakac Art Museum and in its surrounding area. This symposium is believed to be the oldest still ongoing sculpture symposium in the world. The Forma Viva Sculpture Park in Kostanjevica na Krki is one of the four main Forma Viva Collections in Slovenia. The symposium is a biennial event during which chosen artists are invited to come to Kostanjevica na Krki and sculpt the sculptures in one month, which are then placed in the freely accesible Forma Viva Sculpture Park. There are currently around 130 sculptures in the collection, contribute to the ever-growing collection of works since 1961.

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