Castle Brežice and Knight’s Hall


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The city, which acquired the confirmed urban right in 1353 by a document, was built alongside it. The name Brežice derives from the town on the bank – brežec, on a rocky pier, which rises above the now dry riverbed of the Sava river. In the 16th century, the castle was burnt and destroyed several times, and in 1529 the construction of a new Renaissance fortress began.

In more calm times, the noble family Attems turned the castle into a residence. Count Ignac Maria Attems has rebuilt the eastern tract and arranged the hall, now called the Knights’ Hall, which is a unique example of baroque secular painting in Slovenia. In it, we can listen to concerts or attend other events, while our thought travels between scenes from Roman and Greek mythology.

In the castle, a monument of immovable heritage, since 1949 the Museum of Posavje, Brežice has been functioning, representing the heritage of Posavje from the earliest days to the present.

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