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  • Trimček, hostel and snack bar

    Hostel Trimček is located in a beautiful, quiet place in the middle of the lower Posavje plain, right next to the Sava River.

  • Winery with accommodation Juričko

    Holiday house Juričko is located in the beautiful countryside of Bizeljsko.

  • Vintage Villa

    Vintage Villa PriBabici (at grandma’s) in Brežice is an idyllic house with a large fenced garden, where you will feel like on a vacation at your grandma’s.

  • Pečarič Vineyard Cottage

    Enjoy your holidays in the countryside, between the vineyards, in the Pečarič vineyard cottage.

  • Castle Mokrice (Hotel)

    Modern and comfortable rooms and apartments are located behind the mighty walls of Mokrice Castle, as the castle is refurbished to the hotel.

  • Beach Bar Tochka

    Free use of the largest outdoor fitness gym in Slovenia – Big Jack Street fitness, for all who are active and fit.

  • Discover Brežice

    The municipality of Brežice lies on a tectonic fault and is extremely rich with the springs of thermal water, which was discovered more than 200 years ago along the banks of the Sava River.

  • Pia Peršič – NaTuro

    Explore Posavje with a local tourist guide who, besides the sights, will certainly show you a hidden corner or two.

  • Hunting for Energy

    Krško, a pleasant town along the Sava River is a crossroads of cultural, culinary, educational and diverse experiences.

  • Sevnica Pond

    Although the old pond is located in the very town of Sevnica, it represents a quiet corner of the city where you can get away from everyday city noise.

  • Fish Farm Pajk

    With so many rivers and creeks as Posavje has, we can not pass the aquaculture.

  • Ribon ribogojstvo Martin Starc s.p

    For all enthusiastic fishermen, Ribon fish farm is located on the outskirts of Kozjanski park, which uses clean water of the Topliški brook for the breeding of fish.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.