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The municipality of Brežice lies on a tectonic fault and is extremely rich with the springs of thermal water, which was discovered more than 200 years ago along the banks of the Sava River. The power of natural thermal water was soon recognized as a healing one. Gradually, the development of Terme Čatež began, the pioneer of spa tourism in Slovenia, which is today the largest spa complex in the country and one of the most recognizable European spa centers. Thermal springs in Dobova have also given rise to the youngest spa complex in Slovenia – Terme Paradiso. Both offer a variety of leisure, relaxation and wellness treatments.

The green world at the confluence of the Sava and Krka, thermal springs, vineyards and rich architectural heritage – many people say for a reason that Brežice are the place where different worlds come into contact.

Nature has endowed Brežice and its surroundings with many beauties. The green landscape is mostly covered with forest, and grape vines grow on the sunny sides of hills, in two rich winemaking regions. Many hiking trails invite you to enjoy fresh air, and you can also explore the caves, nature parks and various other attractions that you will be happy to tell everyone about when you return home.

Walking along the hills of the municipality of Brežice can also be a wonderful gastronomic experience, since the Podgorjanska and Bizeljsko-Sremiška wine roads are the place where friendly homesteads and wine shops stand, which always welcome guests, and make sure you refresh yourself with homemade delicacies and excellent wine .

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