Posavje, full of opportunities

Active rest, calm with nature, richness of flavors.

Posavje is a kind of sleeping princess of Slovenian tourism. It’s not as notorious as the Slovenian coast. We do not have Bled castle, nor Triglav, but we have the most, best preserved castles, as well as a skiing slope or two. Ljubljana is larger and Kočevje forests are less transient. Even the spa is not the sanatorium spa, but it is the biggest one. It is not as flat as the Pomurje with the Pannonian lowland, because it even has a ski slope. We have caves, just not as notorious as the Postojna cave. We have horses, although not Lipizzaners, and even a number of farms, where you will wake up to the crowing of roosters and mooing of cows. On our Sava and Krka you will not break anything while canyoning, but you will enjoy the rafting, stand up paddling, rowing or fishing, relaxed.


We have everything that others have, only calmer, more harmonious. Because we, people of Posavje are like that. Above all we are in good spirits and relaxed. No extremes, balanced. And we want our guests to enjoy this peace. Only in gourmet pleasures we may exaggerated and stand above others. Here we do not give ground. Our cuisine is not notorious, but it is the best. Our wines are not the most expensive, but they are the best. They accompany our home made dishes, appear in restaurants, inns, or picnics in nature.

  • že od 11.80 €

    Šempeter restaurant

    The Šempeter inn serves home-grown capons, which are a culinary specialty of Kozjansko. You will surely lick your fingers clean.

  • že od 45 €

    Ošterija Debeluh

    With just three to four ingredients at Ošterija Debeluh, under the chef Jure’s direction, they conjure up a fullness of flavours, in which you will feel the respect for tradition and the modern elegance of superb European cuisine.

  • že od 32 €

    Restaurant and hotel Tri Lučke

    Three lamps shine in the hill above Krško – the “Tri Lučke”, which invite those who want to bring the memories of local flavors from the Posavje region home with you.

  • že od 50 €

    Restaurant Repovž

    Respect for tradition and the environment are the main components of the culinary philosophy of the Gostilna Repovž inn. Rich flavors with a modern touch.

  • že od 18 €

    Inn Pension Les

    The Gostilna Les inn offers fresh seasonal ingredients of local origin in which you can taste the Posavje region.

  • že od 1.64 €

    Kmetija Hudina

    The Hudina Farm has managed to capture the love of fruit and nature in carefully selected home-made products.

  • že od 7 €

    Cviček temple with an ethnological collection

    There is no visit to Posavje without tasting the true local cviček. At the Cviček Embassy, the Cviček Temple you will learn all about this lively Posavje variety in one place and of course try it.

  • že od 10 €

    House of Vine, Wine and Chocolate Kunej

    Two culinary delights – wine and chocolate – have been combined into chocolate wine at the Kunej Vine, Wine and Chocolate House. Indulge in the pampering of your taste buds.

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Enough for a lifetime, let alone one vacation or an extended weekend.

Active Posavje

Let’s go?

Posavje is a place of active rest. Full of biking trails, water activities, animal farms and other fun and adventure activities.

Green Posavje

Rafting, snorkelling or canoeing?

Although you can ski in the Posavje region, it is much more generous with the calm Sava and the Krka, as well as rafting, snorkeling, canoeing or fishing.

Best stories

Rest for body and soul.

For the best experiences, there is an excellent culinary offer of our inns, farms and winemakers. Various interesting activities, but also rest for the body and soul.


Accommodation according to your needs

Posavje is primarily a place of hospitality and gourmet cuisine. For those who want genuine contact with farm life, there are many farm tourism providers available. For those who want to be surrounded by vineyards, Posavina huts are available.

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Posavje is a land of water. So, it is quite strange, that till recently Posavje fish was quite overlooked in local cuisine. Nowadays things are changing, and local fish is becoming one of the most important culinary products of our

Vineyards are certainly one of the most recognizable features of Posavje. Slovenia is divided into three wine-growing countries and Posavje is one of them. It is further divided into three districts: Dolenjska, Bizeljsko Sremič and Bela Krajina. The land is

Food heritage of Posavje is extremely diverse and rich. Regardless of that, Posavje kitchen was not so long ago relatively unknown and neglected. In recent years, traditional dishes have become more and more popular on the menus in local cuisine

Posavje has always been strongly connected with water. There are several rivers, lakes, ponds which makes this very biodiversity region. In addition to natural waters, Posavje is also a region of thermal waters. Here you can find the largest thermal

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.