Posavje – land of wines

Vineyards are certainly one of the most recognizable features of Posavje. Slovenia is divided into three wine-growing countries and Posavje is one of them. It is further divided into three districts: Dolenjska, Bizeljsko Sremič and Bela Krajina. The land is hilly, with narrow valleys and steep slopes on which vine prevents soil erosion. The soil is mostly composed of marls and sandstones with limestone binder. The soils, on which cviček thrives the most, are predominantly of limestone and dolomite.

The wine-growing region of Posavje lies on the lower course of Sava River in South-East Slovenia. The land is covered with vineyard and vineyard cottages, which make this land quite unique and picturesque. Over the years Posavje became known for its production of light white and red wines. Here many different international and local varieties grow. Local peculiarity is cviček, which has rich, over 200-year history and has a special place among wines. The vineyards in Posavje are relatively fragmented and there are many growers. Among the vine varieties almost half of the vineyards are covered by red ones – modra frankinja (blue frankincense) and žametovka (velvet), while among white varieties laški rizling and kraljevina.

Posavje is very well recognized by its cviček. Although red varieties predominate, some excellent white wines are produced in this area. In addition to cviček and modra frankinja, Posavje is also known for its variety yellow plavec (rumeni plavec). Posavje is the best choice even for those who love to drink sparkling wines. Posavje is therefore a wine-growing country for every taste.

The two most famous autochthonous varieties in Posavje are modra frankinja and rumeni plavec. From modra frankinja they produce red wine of medium full flavour, with a predominantly harmonious and slightly spicy taste. Modra frankinja grows in Posavje and laso in Podracje region. As a varietal wine modra frankinja is slowly gaining its recognition, yet is still mainly used for production of cviček, metliška črnina and rdeči bizeljčan. Genetic analyses have confirmed that modra frankinja is an autochthonous Slovenian variety, which originated from Styrian vineyards and on which Posavje is justifiably proud. Another autochthonous variety here is rumeni plavec, who has been gaining its importance over last couple of years. From this variety white wine with full taste is produced. Rumeni plavec grows in the Bizeljsko-sremiško and Dolenjska wine-growing districts, where it is considered an autochthonous variety, although analyzes are still being carried out to fully confirm this.

Beautiful landscape, many delicious wines and picturesque vineyard cottages make a Posavje quite a special place. Top-quality wines are also complemented by top-quality cuisine. More and more culinary providers are upgrading their offer with excellent, locally produced wines, so a visit to Posavje is a truly unforgettable gourmet pampering.