Regional Development Agency Posavje is developing a new unique tourist experience that combines digitalization and cultural heritage of Posavje Castles

A meeting took place at Rajhenburg Castle on 28 May 2021 as part of the e-Castles of Posavje operation, led by the Posavje Regional Development Agency. Representatives of castles involved in digital innovation of the cultural heritage of Posavje castles, representatives of municipalities in the Posavje region, providers of digitization activities, Arctur, Luxury Slovenia agency, which develops a 5-star unique experience of Posavje castles, and representatives of RDA Posavje were present. The participants of the meeting were greeted by Nataša Šerbec, MSc, director of the RDA Posavje, and the meeting was also attended by Nataša Šterban Bezjak, head of the e-Castles of Posavje operation and head of the project cooperation service, and co-worker Ana Jurečič Martinčič. The event was intended to present the digitized content of the cultural heritage of Posavje castles, which will be presented attractively through 3D models, internal captures of castles in the form of point clouds, 360-degree footage and video with 3D models and displays of the castles included. The castles that are the subject of digital innovation are Rajhenburg Castle, Brežice Castle, Kostanjevica na Krki Monastery, Sevnica Castle, Mokrice Castle and the castle ruins of Svibno and Kunšperk. The latter will be covered in the form of an attempt at 3D reconstruction. The contents will be on display through attractive and modern digital media such as holograms and VR glasses – in the interpretation room in Terme Čatež. The mentioned room will be established as a common experience space of Posavje castles, and visitors will be able to visit it from 30 June 2021 onwards. The purpose of the interpretation room will be to inspire visitors to the cultural heritage of the castles of Posavje and motivate them to visit the castles. As part of the operation, a web application is being developed that will allow users to travel through all seven castles and explore their secrets and legends. For those who want to experience the heritage of castles in a more boutique and unforgettable way, through gastronomy and other related offers, there will be a new and unique 5-star experience that will show the tourist offer of Čatež and Posavje in a completely new attractive light.

In the photos below you can see some snapshots from the process of digitalisation of the cultural heritage of the castles of Posavje.