Posavje polno priložnosti

Spoznajte različne možnosti aktivnega oddiha v naravi, okusite vrhunska vina, obiščite zanimive kraje. Posavje je polno priložnosti!

Posavje is full of opportunities

Get to know the various possibilities of active vacation in nature, taste premium wines, visit interesting places, because Posavje is full of opportunities!

Fascinated at first glance. In Posavje there is a beautiful nature.

Posavje is visited by lovers of unspoilt nature, as it boasts many natural features. Check out unique ecosystems, tree species and rare and endangered flower plants, and you can watch birds and other animals. Posavje also discovered some energy points that renew vital energy.

The activities are enormous. It's hard to choose.

Visitors can find a lot of activities in nature, some relaxing, while others run adrenaline through the veins. There is a very varied offer of hiking and cycling routes. Horse riding, golf and tennis lovers are also provided. Observations of rare animals are organized.

The path to health leads through nature. Really.

Staying in Posavje will fill you with energy. Not only because of the beautiful nature and peace, but also because Posavje is rich in natural energies. You can experience the healing energy of mineral waters in beautifully arranged Terme Čatež with an extensive pool complex, a sauna center and a rich additional offer.

You can not tell her no. Neither feeds nor drinks.

Visitors to Posavje are impressed by the gastronomic diversity of this area. Among the offer of specialties and regional dishes you will find it difficult to decide, so it may be best to abide by the advice of hosts. Good food suppliers are very large, and the culinary offer of inns is based on regional dishes made from natural ingredients.


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