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Active Posavje

  • Mighty waterfalls on the Bohor

    In the area of ​​Bohor, a hill above Senovo, there is a beautiful masterpiece of nature – four unspoiled waterfalls – Bojanca, Pekel, Ubijavnik and Bojavnik.

  • Bowling DeLuxe

    Experience a unique, fun, sporty, competitive, enjoyable and recreational experience in Bowling DeLuxe

  • Terme Čatež

    Wellness pleasures and spa fun. Terme Čatež is all of that! The variety of offer caters to everyone’s tastes.

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    Terme Paradiso

    Active-family or relaxed-romantic. Whatever holiday you want, Terme Paradiso spa will make sure you feel like you’re in paradise.

  • Rafting on the Sava River

    The Sava River Gorge offers fairytale sights that can only be experienced with a view from the river, and the Radeče raft is ideal to combine these with tradition and fun.

  • Landestrost Tourism

    Experience relaxed stand up paddling on the river Krka – the treasure of Posavje.

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    Experience an adrenaline rush on the cart racing track Raceland located in Krško.

  • Beach Bar Tochka

    Free use of the largest outdoor fitness gym in Slovenia – Big Jack Street fitness, for all who are active and fit.

  • Discover Brežice

    The municipality of Brežice lies on a tectonic fault and is extremely rich with the springs of thermal water, which was discovered more than 200 years ago along the banks of the Sava River.

  • Pia Peršič – NaTuro

    Explore Posavje with a local tourist guide who, besides the sights, will certainly show you a hidden corner or two.

  • Hunting for Energy

    Krško, a pleasant town along the Sava River is a crossroads of cultural, culinary, educational and diverse experiences.

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