Discover Posavje by bike


Posavje is a wine-growing region, a land of excellent cuisine, a land of wonderful natural sights, peace, and exceptional opportunities for outdoor activities. If you would ask people, who live here, about their favourite outdoor activity, then you will find cycling among the most common answers. So, we gathered some of the most interesting cycling tours in Posavje.


Cviček bike path

Posavje is very well known for Cviček – wine variety especially known in this region. Cviček is something that winegrowers are extremely proud on here.  So, it is no surprise that one of the most popular cycling routes relates to this special wine.

Trail length: 29 km

Difficulty: moderately demanding

Starting point: Kostanjevica na Krki (KT13 – Kmečki hram)

Route description:

We first drive past the church of St. Miklavž and primary school, where the path becomes steep and leads us past the church of St. Maria of good name in Slinovce. We continue through Jablance, past Bočje to Šutna, where we drive through the area of the municipality of Brežice. When we reach Gadova peč, we turn sharply to Stojanski vrh, drive past Poštena vas and descend to Bušeča vas. We continue along the right bank of river Krka to the municipality to Krško, where we continue to Podbočje. Mostly flat road leads us past Žabjek, Slivje and Karlč, from where it is not far from Kostanjevica, where we started our journey. This completes this circular cycling tour.


Panoramic bike path

For those seeking for beautiful views this is the perfect choice.

Trail length: 15 km

Difficulty: undemanding

Starting point: Kostanjevica na Krki (KT13 – Kmečki hram)

Route description:

First you drive past the church of St. Miklavž to the crossroad at the primary school. From there we continue right past the cemetery to the Cistercian monastery. We continue past Ivanjš to Kočarija. Here we turn to Male Vodenice. At the church of St. Maria, we then descend to Orehovec where we turn left in the centre of the village. After short descent we come to steep one-and-a-half-kilometre long ascent. This leads us to a beautiful viewpoint. We continue past Dolšce to Avguštin, past Jablanc to Slinovce. Path leads us forward to Globočice and then to the starting point.


The Krka river bridges

Trail length: 40 km

Difficulty: easy

Duration: 2,5 h

Highest difference: 211 m

For the entire Dolenjska-Posavje and lower Krka regions, including Kostanjevica na Krki with surrounding settlements, wooden bridges are a characteristic symbol that connects people and places. Bike loop takes you from »the smallest town on the island« through six wooden bridges past Podbočje, Gazice, Cerklje near Brežice, Boršt, Bušeča vas and Krška vas. Undemanding and extremely picturesque loop trail along the banks of the Krka will enchant you in all seasons.


Trdinova bike path

Trail length: 65 km

Difficulty: demanding

Starting point: Kostanjevica na Krki (KT13 – Kmečki hram)

First, we cycle past the church of St. Miklavž, over the bridge on the left bank of Krka rover towards Malence. We continue to Zameško and then to Šentjernej. The path leads us to Platerje monastery. Passing Pleterski hill, Mali and Veliki Ban, we then ascend to Javorovica. The path leads us to the chapel Mirčev križ (KT16). The serpentines are then followed by a descent along the Jesenovski ditch, past the former mountain lodge on Polom, Titova, Rdeča and Aleksandrova huts, to the hunting bivouac in Ravne and the village of Oštrc (298 m). From here we cycle to Črneča vas, which is located 380 m above sea level. This is followed by a short but demanding descent to Straški jarek. We then follow the ascent past Vrtača and Vrbje, where we cycle to the Croatian border. We continue to Prušnja vas, past Brezje to Gradec, from where we turn to Planina. Above it we reach the highest point on our trail. From here a long descent begins – through Premagovci to Gadova peč, to Stojanski vrh, past Poštena vas, Bušeča vas to the plain on the right side of the river Krka. We cycle to Podbočje and soon pass Stari grad and Slinovc and return to the starting point of our route.


Kranjska pentlja – Krško bike path

Difficulty: moderately demanding to demanding

Starting point: Hotel City, Krško

Kranjska pentlja (»The Carniolan loop«) leads us from starting point along the Sava river to Brestanica, where we cross the Sava river on a bridge. For those, eager to do some steep cycling, there is an opportunity here to cycle to the viewpoint at Rajhenburg castle. Then we continue along rather busy Krško – Sevnica road. At village Arto we turn left and take a very steep road to the village of Lomno. Here the traffic calms down completely. The road climbs serpentinely all the time and finally leads us to the village of Veliki Trn (417 m). In the village we continue steeply to the church Sv. Duh, from where there are amazing views on all sides. We then descent past villaga Planina to Raka, where cyclinst can enjoy in scenic views on the vineyards. We pass Zaloke and Rimš and continue to Velika vas. The road past Veniše to Leskovec is mostly flat and easy to cycle. From there we continue to the Krško bridge over the Sava, from where there are only a few pedals to the starting point.

If we want to shorten this biking trail, we can do it through two transverse connections: – The first is in the direction of Mali Trn – Kalce – Nemška vas – Nemška Gora – Brezje (turn to Gorenje vas and Velike vas) – Leskovec. The second is shorter and connects Raka with Rimš, below Ardro and past Sel.


Štajerska pentlja – Krško bike path

Difficulty: demanding

Starting point: Hotel City, Krško

Štajerska pentlja (Styrian loop) first leads us in the direction of Brežice (Dolenja vas – Pohanca – Zgornja Pohanca) to Zdole, where we continue towards Kostanjek. From here we descend to Gorica near Raztez and continue past Veliki Dol to Koprivnica. We continue to Veliki Kamen and Mali Kamen, and ascent through Bela and Reštanj and along Gabrčna valley to Ravni log. We continue all the way to the hut on Bohorje. After cycling through the area of municipalities of Kozje and Šentjur, we return to Krško past Mrzla planina, Stranja, Gorenji Leskovec, Presladol and Rožno. Here we continue the road Blanca – Brestanica, which takes us all the way to Krško.

If we want to shorten biking trip a bit, this is possible via cross connections: Krško – Zdole – Veliki Kamen – Stolovnik – Brestanica and / or Mali Kamen – Senovo – Bohor.


Brestanica bike path

Difficulty: moderately demanding

Starting point: Main square by Pranger (pillar of shame)

This trail leads us through valleys and hills to the surrounding of Brestanica. Immediately in tge centre of Brestanica we can see amazing church of Our Lady of Lourdes, one of the most beautiful and largest churches in Slovenia. Then we continue along the valley of the stream, which is perfect for wandering by bike. After Raztez we then drive past farms and drive back to Brestanica on the varied, hilly terrain. The second part of the route takes us to Likov vrh and the valley of the river Sava. The trail is marked by the traditional image of the Posavje region.


Mokrice forests bike path

Difficulty: undemanding to moderately demanding

Starting point: Čatež

This biking trail is one of the most enchanting trails, suitable to cycle in all seasons. First cycle towards the Sava embankment, and then continue under the Sava bridge. Turn right onto main road and continue along the Krka River, past the old bridge. We then drive to Krška vas, where we turn left downhill in front of the bridge and continue our cycling along the river Krka. At Velike Malence we continue to Globočice. At Križišče near Subanov mlin, drive to the border with Croatia, where you turn left. We continue straight down at Vlaški cross. Next slope awaits us, which ends at the turnoff for the hunting lodge Mokrice. In the middle of Ponikve, a beautiful view opens – from here we can see far across Slovenian border. We continue past Velika dolina and drive past Mokrice golf course. We continue to Nova vas near Mokrice, and then in the direction of Brežice to the pond near Prilipe. From here it is very near to our starting point.


Orlovska (Eagle) bike path

The path leads us from Čatež past the confluence of the Krka and Sava rivers and descends to Vrbina at Brežice Castle. Most of this biking trail runs through forests. On the way we also cycle the Orlica massif. The path does not disappoint even in terms of unforgettable views, especially pay attention at the church of St. Jedrt. The descent past the Pišece castle is also unforgettable.

Difficulty: demanding

Starting point: Čatež

First, we turn right on to the old bridge over Krka and Sava river, from where you continue to Brežice Castle. We continue left to Vrbina, where we cycle along a macadam path. The trail leads us through secured railway crossing and then left onto a very busy road. From the main road we turn to Trebež, then drive straight along the road that leads to the right to Glogov Brod. In the middle of Artiče we continue in the direction of Volčje, through the Artiče forest and then after the descent we continue to climb the wine road. We cycle mostly in the shadow of the forest and descend into the Močnik valley. We turn right for Osredek, where an ascent awaits us, leading us to the highest point of our tour. This is followed by a a steep descent on the asphalt, where caution is needed as a sharp turn to the left awaits us at the church. We then follow the macadam road to Pišece Castle turn right at the castle pond to the pond by the main road. We continue towards Pišece, and then from there in the direction of Globoko. From the main road, continue left to Orehovec, then follow the ascent. Continue along the ridge wavy road, then right towards the church of St. Barbara. We continue through Cundrovec and through the railway crossing. From the main road we continue left to Zakot. We continue towards Brežice, from where we return to the starting point.


Following the footsteps of »Kavsarji« – Kavsarji bike path

Difficulty: moderately demanding

Starting point: Radeče

Trail length: 56.6 km

Total altitude difference: 490 m

From Radeče, where the Posavje begins and where Sava river runs from the narrow Zasavje valley, we continue in the direction of Sevnica, then towards Krško. The town of Sevnica is marked by a spectacular Sevnica Castle, which stands on a hill above the town – this is a must see on this biking trail. On its way to Krško, the Sava formed some meanders. The path is picturesquely dotted with hayracks. We continue along the spacious Vrbina towards Brežice. In the last decade, several hydroelectric power plants and accumulation lakes have been built on the Sava. Freight traffic on the river lasted until World War II. The people of Šmarje, who live in the settlement on the most beautiful bend of the Sava in front of Sevnica, were called Kavsarji, because they hunted wood with hooks or “kavsi” on the Sava. After that, this cycling tour also got its name. In addition to kavsarji, this cycling route is also marked by rafting on the Sava, when timber was transported all the way to the Danube in Belgrade. With the construction of power plants, several kilometres of cycling paths have been built directly next to the Sava dams, which are perfect for cycling, running, walking.This road is very easy to navigate – we just cycle along the Sava towards Brežice and enjoy the beautiful views.


Following the path of castle legends

Difficulty: demanding

Starting point: Sevnica

Trail length: 50.9 km

Total altitude difference: 1,550 m

Castles have always stirred the imagination and in Posavje we can count quite a few of them on a small area. They represent the most important Slovenian cultural heritage, and their origins mostly date back to the Middle Ages. In the Posavje region, too, they stand on relief points that are more difficult to access. This means cyclist are challenged by short but attractive ascents to the top of castle hills. On this so-called castle road you will get to know medieval life.

The town of Sevnica has a beautiful castle complex above the city, which offers a rich tradition to the cyclist. The castle takes us back to the time of knights and princesses, and the baroque frescoes in the tower guide us through the four seasons.

Rajhenburg Castle in Brestanica is the oldest attested castle in Slovenia. A special mystique and mystery is attached with this castle. Here lived and worked Trappists – the ascetic and very progressive order of Trappists. The monks were not allowed to talk to each other but used sign language to communicate. They produced chocolate, which had great quality and was appreciated even at imperial court in Vienna. The ascent to the castle is steep, but pleasant part of an otherwise peaceful tour in the valley of the Brestanica stream.

The Castle in Brežice and Bizeljsko should not be missed along the path of castle legends. In castle in Brežice there is a beautiful knight’s hall, which will take your breath away. At the Bizeljsko castle a friendly castle lady will receive you and from the castle balcony you will see unforgettable views of the Sotla valley. Castle legends are waiting, just jump on the bike and turn the pedals. Get to know the time of chivalry, aristocratic life, and troubadours.

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