St. Martin's Day

St. Martin’s Day in Posavje

Slovenians have many holidays and most of them are celebrated with a glass of good wine. One of very special holidays celebrated by Slovenians is St. Martin┬┤s day celebrated on 11th of November. But Slovenians can celebrate it as well one week earlier and one week later. ­čśŐ

St. Martin’s Day is a holiday dedicated to a wine, or in other words, when the mo┼ít (young wine) turns into wine. Until this day, the mo┼ít is considered as unclean and sinful young wine, which upon blessing turns into true wine.
Initially it was a pagan celebration to express thanks and gratitude for good harvest and the request for the abundance in the coming year, but today we celebrate it especially as a holiday of wine and good food. St. Martin’s day is characterized by abundance, of wine and accompanying with delicious traditional dishes such as Roasted goose or duck with mlinci (Slovenian pasta tatters made from thin dried dough) and stewed red cabbage, as well as traditional deserts such as potica and other sweet delicacies.

You can experience St. Martin’s Day celebrations in the Posavje region, where we have prepared various events and celebrations for you.
Join us in discovering the rich flavours of Posavje wines and cuisine.

Photo author: Rok Petan─Źi─Ź