Celebrat st. Martin´s day in Sromlje – Foothpath of sun and wine


We invite you to spend St. Martin´s day activley and join us along the Sromlje footpath. The footpath leads hikers along the magnificent Sromlje hills and valleys, which are sown with vineyards and orchards. The path is well marked, it is 15 km long and provide san easy passage. It travels acrosss ix villages: Sromlje, Silovec, Curnovec, Volčje, Oklukova Gora and Zgornja Pohanca. The hiker enjoys beautiful nature, and the path also leads past the view point, cave, archaeological site, pond, church and fruitcultivating and touristfarms. During a traditional group hike, each year in October, you can stop at the sefarms and try home made delicacies such as grapes and other fruits, wine, salami, brandy, honey … specially delicious mošt (young wine) from Sromlje.


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