Celebrating st. Martin´s day in one of the Posavje castles



• Guided tour of the castle (Castle Rajhenburg or Castle Sevnica)
• Guided by an expert on wines and local places (while driving to the vineyard farm)
• Sightseeing along the Sava River (fish trail or park of stones “heart of Sava”)
• Welcome to the wine road, followed by the St. Martin´s delicious meals

Additional option:
• Wine and salami tasting
• Tasting of chocolate pralines

As soon as the harvesting is done and the mošt begins to ferment, it is even more enjoyable to visit the wine cellars, to taste mošt and delicious St. Martin´s dishes.

Price: 21,90 € / person (for min group of 35). When booking, please choose the castle and one of the vineyard farms for your “Autumn –St, Martin´s ” highlight of the trip.

Price include fees, tour guide, the St. Martin´s meal, tasting mošt, organization and management of the program, insurance.

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