Celebriting st. Martins day in restaurant Janc


We invite you to experience the baptism of mošt – Young wine in Restaurant Janc, where we celebrate St. Martin´s day 14 days long. We will serve you with a delicious traditional St. Martin´s dishes and young wine called mošt. The highlight of St. Martin’s Day celebration will be held on Saturday 11th of November, already for a 20th consecutive year. The event will be held under a large tent at Gostilna Janc.

• It begins on the streets of village Studenec with ethnological demonstration of customs on the topic of vine culture from the times of our great-grandparents to the present day.
• The procession of old tractors.
• Under the tent there is a cuisine and food tasting.
• Winegrowing games and the baptism of young wine
• Exhibition of pastries from AktivKmečkihženaStudenec association and degustation of mošt (young wine)
• Party with live music and cousin from Restaurant Janc.

This is what St. Martin´s celebration and Restaurant Janc, looks hard but very joyful.

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