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  • from 70 €

    B&B Vila Castanea

    In the quiet town centre of Kostanjevica na Krki, in an old townhouse, you are welcomed to the embrace of Vila Castanea. Its embrace offers the warmth of a contemporary stay, with an ear for detail and natural materials.

  • from 60.50 €

    City hotel Krško

    Urban explorers looking for a modern city stay are invited to rooms at the City Hotel Krško.

  • from 57.50 €

    Hotel and Restaurant SPLAVAR

    Homemade is the word that describes your stay at the Splavar Hotel, so it’s no surprise that you are invited with the words “Slow down and enjoy”!

  • Apartment on Krka

    In the magical ancient town of KostanjevicanaKrki, you will find apartments Na Krki, which, despite their modernity, preserve the authentic Kostanjevica character of homeliness.

  • from 10 €
    Iztok Bončina

    Kostanjevica cave

    Posavje hides some of its beauty even beneath the surface of the earth. The fairytale Kostanjevica Cave will amaze you with its rich stalactite collection.

  • from 25 €
    Dušan Klenovšek

    Kozjansko park

    Explore the pristine nature of Kozjansko Park.

  • Rafting on the Sava River

    The Sava River Gorge offers fairytale sights that can only be experienced with a view from the river, and the Radeče raft is ideal to combine these with tradition and fun.

  • from 4 €

    Posavje Museum Brežice

    When was the last time you were left breathless by Baroque masterpieces? The Knights’ Hall in Brežice Castle fascinates everyone, indulge in its baroque might.

  • from 5 €

    Castle Rajhenburg

    The Rajhenburg Castle has been reigning for centuries on a high rocky quay above the Sava River. A castle with diverse history hides a myriad of stories waiting to be discovered.

  • from 6 €

    Castle Sevnica

    Above the old town part of Sevnica stands a mighty castle, waiting for you to explore it and experience the history, hidden within its rooms and corridors.

  • from 6 €
    Maruša Lapuh

    Gallery Božidar Jakac Kostanjevica na Krki

    A synonym for the wealth of art, it’s the Božidar Jakac Gallery. Let the artwork fill you with creative energy and caress your soul.

  • from 4 €

    Podsreda Castle

    Learn about history at one of the best preserved medieval buildings – Podsreda Castle.

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