Kozjansko park


Kozjansko regional park is one of the oldest and largest protected areas in Slovenia, most of the park is classified as Natura 2000 sites. Since 2010 the Kozjansko region with Obsotel has the status of a biosphere reserve under the protection of UNESCO (MAB – Man and Biosphere)

A diverse Kozjansko landscape creates conditions for the exceptional biotic diversity of the protected area. There are 44 species of orchids, over 1200 species of butterflies, 62 species of locusts, 20 species of fungus, 102 varieties of apple trees, 60 varieties of pears and 78 natural sights.

One of the most recognizable good park practices is high-altitudinal meadow orchards, which are extremely important living space for many species of birds.

An apple from a high-altitudinal meadow orchard is a symbol of protecting nature, continuing the tradition and heritage of our ancestors, well-being and healthy food, as well as a symbol of recognition of the protected area of the Kozjansko Park and the identification of the locals with the protected area. For this reason, since 2000, we have been organizing the Feast of Kozjansko Apples, which is a traditional, central ecological and ethnological event in the Kozjansko Park. Every year, it takes place in the second week of October, at the Podsreda square.

The Kozjansko Park offers visitors a wide range of attractions:

– the medieval castle Podsreda

– medieval Podsreda square with pranger

– Gruska Cave – a Karst original closed valley

– collective high-altitude meadow orchard at Čerčkova Homestead in Podsreda

– dry meadows on Vetrnik and Oslica

– Levstik mill in Podsreda

– Bistrica river gorge

– Sotla-Zelenjak gorge

– Beekeeper’s nest, Župjek

– Karst spring Davjek, Dekmanca

– Ajdovska Žena on Pilstanj

– Lurška cave in Zagorje pri Lesičnem

– Trebče – Kolar’s homestead with pond and Javeršek homestead

– numerous footpaths: forest path Podsreda – Podsreda Castle, natural science trail Travnik, footpath Podsreda, geological educational trail, Pilštanj footpath and water trail Lesično, Bizeljska footpaths, footpath Kunšperk-Klestje, pilgrimage routes: Emma’s pilgrimage path, Marija pilgrimage path.

Guided tours of Kozjansko Park from 25 EUR per person.

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