B&B Vila Castanea


B&B Vila Castanea is located in the middle of the only and smallest town in Slovenia, which lies on a river island around which the Krka river is winding. It is located in the very center of the old town, intended for a break, enjoying the natural features of the soft Dolenjska landscape, in picturesque wine-growing hills and a soothing Krka.

The bourgeois house from the end of the 19th century is a cultural monument that boasts a richly decorated front facade, an arched ground floor, pavements from the regional stone and an inner courtyard in the shade of a mighty chestnut tree. Our – in the summer pleasantly cold, and in spring and autumn, comfortably warm – nine rooms were arranged for guests, reflecting the character of the old bourgeois villa, while they are modernly furnished in natural materials, with details for detail and everything that dictates comfort 21. century.

You will have breakfast under the vaulted ceiling of the breakfast room, where in the cold morning we use the fireplace, so that the scent of firewood enriches the experience. Our breakfasts are rich and healthy, from carefully prepared ingredients. Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables produced on the surrounding farms, meat and dairy products of surrounding farms, homemade jams and honey, fresh bread and pastries.

An exclusive lease of a villa for the organization of a business event or wedding ensures you complete privacy; so your stay and the stay of your guests will be adapted to your desires.

Bed and breakfast is available at Villa Castanea from € 70 per person per day.

Contact details

Phone: +38631662011