Kostanjevica cave


The Kostanjevica cave is a karst cave, which can be explored carefree, since it has well-organized trails and electric lighting. Have you ever seen fairytale stalactites? In the Kostanjevica Cave you surely will, because nature has sculpted them into shapes that resemble the rainbow, the grandfather of the cold (Slavic Santa Claus), a giant leg, a bear and Christ. The younger visitors are especially interested in the fairy tale about the giant that the guide will tell you. The cave also boasts a diverse underground animal world, as it contains cave spiders, bats, cave snakes … perhaps you also discover another animal species during your visit.


  • 12 € / person
  • 10 € (groups of over 20 people)
  • 8 € (pupils, students)
  • 7 € (high school students, students for groups of over 20 people)
  • 6 € (primary school students)
  • 5 € (primary school students for groups of over 20 people)
  • 30 € (family ticket: 2 adults + 2 children)
  • 3 € additional child – large family

Contact details

Phone: +38641297001