Fishing in Posavje


Fishing and sport fishing are very popular activity, localy and worldwide. In Slovenia, and particularly in Posavje region, local fish, preservation of natural waters and fishing as an activity, are getting more and more popular over the last few years. Posavje is land of natural waters, full of rivers, streams, and ponds. It is ideal place for unforgettable fishing pleasures. On top of that, fishing is strongly connected with unspoiled and clean water, rich wildlife, peace, and relaxation. In last few years, a lot was done to protest our water resources and to contribute to clean environment. Fishes in waters are also getting more and more attention in Posavje. All this are the reasons why a decision to fish in waters of Posavje region is a great idea.

In waters in Posavje there are many different types of fishes, such as babushka, red perch, chub, carp, pike, catfish, well-known “šarenka”, red-eyed fish, grass carp, periwinkle, tench, barbel and many other fish species. Rivers Sava and Krka are suitable for canoeing or kayaking and are very popular for sport fishing. On top of that, many streams and ponds are full of fish life.

Fishing is mostly managed by fishing families. There are six fishing families operating in Posavje region: the Radeče fishing family, the Sevnica fishing family, the Brestanica – Krško fishing family, the Brežice fishing family, the Kostanjevica na Krki fishing family and the Sotla fishing family. Each fishing family has its own area, which is further divided into districts.

If you would like to get to know fishes in their natural environment, then a visit to one of learning fish paths might be just what you are looking for. One such fish path is at hydroelectric power plant Blanca-Arto, where you can read about 32 different species of fish. This is the best way to get to know what kind od fishes live in the waters of Posavje region. The fish path tries to imitate natural conditions – the water is neither too slow neither too fast, so the fishes can easily swim against current and reach the upper parth of the fish path. This kind of learning path is especially popular with pupils and students.

Posavje is also very well known for its aquaculture, an industry which produces huge quantities of freshwater fish. This also contributes to the fact, that fishes can more and more often be found on plates, both in households and on the tables of restaurants. This is not a surprise, as it is well known: the best fish is Posavje fish!

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