Mighty waterfalls on the Bohor


In the area of ​​Bohor, a hill above Senovo, there is a beautiful masterpiece of nature – four unspoiled waterfalls – Bojanca, Pekel, Ubijavnik and Bojavnik. The waters of the waterfalls also foam more than 15 meters in depth. The waterfalls are known to few, so they are still shrouded in a veil of mystery, integrity, and peace. Due to its hiding places deep in the ravines of streams, not many tourists go there, so a key topic accessible to almost anyone who possesses little skill and physical endurance. The path of the four waterfalls thus reveals the wonderful world of waterfalls and is suitable for a day trip.


Walking time: 6 hours

Stage length: 12.52 km

Difficulty: difficult

Route description


We start the path at Jablance and first lead towards the Bojanca waterfall, which must be prepared in advance by a few rock jumps along the iron brackets. The path to the waterfall is marked and first leads down the hill towards the stream. From the first waterfall, which falls as much as 14.8 m in depth, you then head to the Pekel (Translated to Hell) waterfall. The path leads us from the Bojanca waterfall to the right uphill along a well-displayed terrain, which is secured with wooden stairs and a steel cable. The path to the Pekel waterfall is well-trodden, and it is especially a place of caution in wet weather. Passing the remains of the former mill, we finally reach the waterfall Pekel. It is a multi-stage waterfall, the longest measuring 22 meters. Then continue through the village Puste Ložice to the Ubijavnik waterfall – immediately after the village, the path branches off, which is also marked. From the Ubijavnik waterfall we then continue to Dobrova to the last of the four waterfalls, Bojavnik. Here the view of the waterfall is especially interesting, as we are above the waterfall, and the view reveals the use of waterfalls, jumps and the Zlatolaska waterfall. From there you return to the starting point in Jablance along shorter paths (turn along the shortcut below Umek’s homestead) or along some longer paths (along the asphalt), where you also started your hike. The path of the four waterfalls is thus a great idea for a beautiful all-day trip, especially in the summer days, the path is also an ideal escape from the summer heat.


Foto. Jošt Gantar

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