In Posavje by camper


Posavje is a land of countless possibilities for relaxation, exploration and pleasure, natural sights and many stops on heritage trails and on wine roads. Direct your navigation to Posavje and indulge yourself to the locals and enjoy Posavje full of opportunities.

In Posavje, you can stop at arranged parking lots for campers in various locations, and from there explore undiscovered corners of Posavje region. Discover the land of castles, wine-growing hills and thermal springs. For lovers of active leisure, Posavje offers cycling and hiking trails, for an adrenaline experience karting and water sports such as boating, kayaking, canoeing, suping or fishing. You can also get to know Posavje by horseback or air, and you can go paragliding or ballooning.

Posavje is also a land of healthy waters in thermal springs. You can get to know Posavje by hiking to Lisca hill above Sevnica, Bohor with Bohor waterfalls, have a walk to Sv. Vid in Brežice along Čatež’s energy trail, hike along the pilgrimage route to Sveta Gora or to Magolnik, Svibno and see natural sights such as Ajdovska jama (Ajdovska cave), you will find home-grown chestnuts in Močilno near Radeče, a swampy plain with rich wildlife, when you join the natural park in Jovsi. The Posavje region also attracts natural resources and cultural and historical sights. Old town centers, museums and the galleries invite visitors to discover the rich history of Posavje region. Fans of culture can also visit the castles. The Posavje region boasts many picturesque castles, which in their own unique way offer you an unforgettable castle experience from strange castle gardens in the courtyard to excellent cuisine, unforgettable events, important architecture, art, and history. In Posavje, you will certainly not be dishonourable or thirsty if you want to leave yourself to wine connoisseurs and taste Posavje wines and regional culinary specialties.


Camper stops in Posavje.


  • PZA Kostanjevica na Krki

Address: Krška cesta, 8311Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenija

GPS coordinates: 45.849410,15.418658
Location: parking grounds without utilities













PZA – postajališča za avtodome Čatež in Brežice

Postajališče Prešernova cesta

Address: Prešernova cesta, 8250 Brežice, Slovenija

GPS coordinates: N 45.89959, E 15.59211













In Brežice, there is an arranged and illuminated stop for motorhomes – PZA, which includes four asphalted parking spaces for campers.

PZA – postajališča za avtodome Čatež in Brežice

Center mesta Brežice

Address: Cesta Pod obzidjem, 8250 Brežice
GPS coordinates: N 45.904962, E 15.593901

Location: parking grounds without utilities

PZA – postajališča za avtodome Čatež in Brežice

Kamp Terme Čatež

Postajališča so ob recepciji Terme Village.

Address: Topliška cesta 35, 8250 Brežice














Ribniki Mačkovci (Ribnik Brestanica)

Address: Raztez 1a, 8280 Brestanica

GPS coordinates: 46.004979,15.497412
Možnost oskrbe: PZA

Gostilna pri Dularju

Address: Kostanjek 20, 8272 Zdole
GPS coordinates: 46.009727,15.541365
Location: parking grounds partial utilities

Gostilna Pečnik

Address: Gunte 8a, 8270 Krško

GPS coordinates: 45.98664795, 15.465185570648735


Stadion Matije Gubca

Address: Cesta krških žrtev 130a, 8270 Krško

GPS coordinates: 45.94890175, 15.488365978071695


Parkirišče pri igrišču Šajspoh pri Mestni občini Krško

Address: Cesta krških žrtev 14, 8270 Krško

GPS coordinates: N 45.9659 E 15.4837

Location: parking grounds without utilities


Bazen Brestanica

Address: Jetrno selo 2, 8280 Brestanica
GPS coordinates GPS koordinate: N 46.0014 E 15.4756
Location: parking grounds without utilities


Postajališče na tržnici Videm – Krško

Address: Kolodvorska ulica 1, 8270 Krško

GPS coordinates: 45.957850, 15.491369

Možnost oskrbe: PZA

Closed on Saturdays.


Gostišče Senica

Address: Titova cesta 89, 8281 Senovo

GPS coordinates: 46.018872, 15.475492

Location: parking grounds without utilities


Turistična kmetija Hribar

Address: Podbočje 36, 8312 Podbočje

GPS coordinates: 45.861936, 15.471296

Location: parking grounds without utilities



Address: Pesje 30, 8270 Krško

GPS coordinates: 45.929791, 15.534821

Location: parking grounds without utilities



  • PZA Sevnica

Address:Cesta na grad 17, 8290 Sevnica, Slovenija

GPS coordinates: N 46.008841, E 15.314903

Location: motorhome stopover

  • Postajališče za avtodome na Lisci

Address: Podgorica 36, 8290 Sevnica

GPS coordinates: 46.068050,15.287320

Location: parking grounds without utilities

  • Postajališče za avtodome pri Srednji šoli Sevnica

Address: Savska cesta 2, 8290 Sevnica

GPS coordinates: N 46.000800, E 15.333874

Location: parking grounds without utilities


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