Guesthouse Janc and Wine cellar Janc

Guesthouse Janc is a place where the fourth generation already works in catering, winegrowing and farming.
With a hundred years of tradition, hospitality and wealth of the countryside, we try to please every desire so we love to help you choose a wine from our own wine cellar. Besides that we offer meals and products from our domestic kitchen, all made with love.
Full vineyards surround our family home where we grow, nurture and respect nature around us. Our vineyards grow on the sunny hills of Dolenjska region, by the Gornjedolenjska wine road.
We wish to share our love for wine with you because a day without wine is like a day without the sun. Therefore we have decided to share the experience with you. During grape harvest we invite our guests to join us in the celebration and fun. We also love to demonstrate the whole procedure how grape is transformed into wine.
How would you like to experience the grape harvest and the joyful atmosphere? Let’s all get together, take time to enjoy life and be a part of a real wine holiday – THE GRAPE HARVEST. And let’s look at it with a spark in our eyes.
As an old saying goes: “If you want to be happy for an hour, drink a glass of wine. But if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, plant a vineyard.”