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August 2020

Posavje is a land of water. So, it is quite strange, that till recently Posavje fish was quite overlooked in local cuisine. Nowadays things are changing, and local fish is becoming one of the most important culinary products of our region. In Posavje there are 6 different fishing families and lots of individuals, who

Vineyards are certainly one of the most recognizable features of Posavje. Slovenia is divided into three wine-growing countries and Posavje is one of them. It is further divided into three districts: Dolenjska, Bizeljsko Sremič and Bela Krajina. The land is hilly, with narrow valleys and steep slopes on which vine prevents soil erosion. The

Food heritage of Posavje is extremely diverse and rich. Regardless of that, Posavje kitchen was not so long ago relatively unknown and neglected. In recent years, traditional dishes have become more and more popular on the menus in local cuisine and on the menus of modern local culinary offer. Ida Intihar with the help

Have you ever heard of »pregreta smetana« (overheated cream)? Or of »potanc« - a substitute for bread, which was often lacking in the daily lives of our ancestors? These are only two of the most typical traditional dishes of Posavje, which testify to the diversity and richness of the food heritage of the Posavje

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