The culinary kingdom of Ostrovrhars


Welcome to the kingdom of Ostrovrhars. Today we call it Radeče, but the old name can tell you a lot about the rich history of local people. The spirit of the Knights of Ostrovrhars is still alive, they created their home on a sharp dolomite solitary mountain above the village of Svibno. In the past they made a lot of handicrafts, such as rafting, coal making, milling industry, blacksmithing and paper making.
You will experience this medieval pulse, life, when iron and asphalt roads haven’t run yet, and when our ancestors built their livelihoods on ancient wisdom derived from the laws of nature, for yourself.
Discovering the culinary kingdom of the Ostroverhars’ begins at the rafting pier in Radeče. GostilnaPr’Veseljak will prepare for us a queen of all potica (Slovenian autochtonous pastry), with warm cream, its traditional home is right here in Posavje. We will also try a healing brew, which was centuries ago drank by the Knights ofOstrovrhars.
We will then embark on a raft (radeškisplav), with which we are preserving the centuries-old tradition of rafting (flosarstvo) on the river Sava. We will be greeted by a rafting team, dressed in costumes, the “flosars” meal will be served in medieval castle containers. During the pleasant voyage you will hear a lot of interesting things: about river Sava, about the hard but courageous life of the “flosars” who once mastered these dangerous waters and the knights of Ostrovrhars, ki so have inspired people here to become people of a proud and enduring character.
The trail of our culinary kingdom of the Ostrovrhars will lead us right to their former impressive home.The ruins of the Ostrovrhars’ castle lie on a high and steep mountain above Svibno village. This peak is so steep that, according to Valvasor’s words, even the wild pigeons, when returning from the valley back to the castle, had to rest several times. In the company of the Society of the Farmer’s Association Arnik and the Cultural Society Svibno we will experience an authentic medieval afternoon. We will feast in the outdoors, and the homemade meal will be brought to us by Ostrovrhar’s housewife and her assistants in ”jerbas” on their heads. We will get lost in the stories, and we will also witness a tense knight battle of the Ostrovrhars. The exciting hours are waiting for us.
At the end of our culinary journey through the Ostrovrhars land, we also try their wines. In gorice we will get to see the remains of the walls of the old Ostrovrhar’s “zidanice”, in the Ostrovrhar’s open-air kitchen, which is located right next to noble vineyards, the members of the Tourist Association Svibno will prepare a tasting of local wines and serve us with the Ostrovrhar’s cold cuts.
Welcome to the world of knights. You will definitely think about returning to the places of unforgettable ethnological and wine-culinary experiences.

Package Details

Ostrovrhar Welcome to the Raft Pier (Pr’veseljak Inn)

  • potica with overheated cream
  • healing willow Ostrovrhar (homemade blueberry)

Rafting (KTRC Radeče carrier and contractor)

  • costumed team
  • medieval castle inventory (vessels, utensils)
  • lunch
  • storytelling on the Sava and Ostrovharje

Drive to village Svibno

Reception by the Ostrovrhars (hosted by the Arnika Farm Women ‘s Association, Svibno Cultural Society)

  • costumed Ostrovrhar housewife and her assistants
  • they bring their lunch from the castle hill in the hedges on their heads
  • outdoor dining under Castle Hill with liver sausage, homemade bread and homemade sweet treats
  • storytelling about Ostrovrhars
  • the Ostrovrhars’ knightly struggle

Drive to Ostrovrhar Hills

Wine Tasting at Ostrovrhar’s Open-Air Kitchen Next to the Vineyard (held by the Tourist Association Svibno)

  • tasting win
  • sliced

The price includes:

  • Ostrovrhar’s welcome
  • rafting
  • reception of Ostrovrhars,
  • tasting,
  • local leadership and organization.

The program is intended for corporate groups (30 – 50 persons), upon prior announcement. For smaller groups, prices are on request.

Program price: 79 € per person.